Hey Hey Herd!

Head Heifer here!

Let me just introduce myself. My Name is Devon and I grew up rodeoing and showing bovines at our local county fair! At 20 I achieved my childhood dream of becoming Miss Rodeo Florida, I traveled across the US for 365 days teaching other people about the rich agriculture we have in the Sunshine State! I came home and worked for our local county fair office for 2 years before I decided that I really wanted to give back to the industry that I grew up in. Remembering when I was a little girl I was about six I met my first Rodeo Queen and it CHANGED everything. I knew I wanted to be a role model for the next generation. I have a saying that I live by "There is always one little girl that wants to be JUST like you DON'T disappoint her".  So I went to cosmetology school, graduated and did the unthinkable, OPENED the Dirty Heifer right outta school. Everyone said I was crazy and I wouldn't make it (If you know me or ever see me at an event you will learn VERY quickly, I do not really take well to being told I can't lol). I knew I didn't want to be like every other salon in my small town so I added my funky, crazy, a bit weird style to my salon. So we are a Salon and Boutique with a love for Bovines. My passion for my business is to bring together all of my favorite things together.  So stop in, Shop online or look for us at the next show!